My son Liam has been training at SCMAC for the past 11 years. Thanks to the dedication and experience of Masters Kevin & Chan he has improved his co-ordination, memory, focus, concentration and discipline. He has accomplished some outstanding achievements, both at martial arts and at school, with the help of all that he gained from SCMAC. He is so proud that he received a 2nd Dan Black Belt, and the impact that SCMAC has had on his life has only been positive. I cannot recommend Master Kevin and Master Chan highly enough, thank you for all that you do for your students.

Melanie Irwin

When I retired from work I needed something to stimulate my brain and keep active, so I decided to do martial arts , after looking at several locations I joined the SCMAC because of there professional experience & friendly inviting atmosphere. I have been doing 1 on 1 private lessons for 18 months now & after a knee operation years ago, I am doing things I never thought I could possibly do. Since I have been training at SCMAC my confidence coordination & flexibility have improved more than I imagined. I find the training is of a very high standard & well designed for older people to help set goals, which I am really enjoying the challenge of achieving my black belt. I highly recommend SCMAC and Master Kevin for anyone after retirement what more could I ask for as im keeping the brain alert, getting fit, staying active, maintaining a healthy life style & learning not only self defence but many life skills along the way even at my retirement age.


My son now aged 9 has attended the SCMAC for over 3 years now, every person that meets him always comment that he is a polite respectful boy, his teachers tell me that he has the rare ability to switch off what is happening around him and focus completely on the task at hand, something that his martial arts training has provided him over the duration, My sons concentration span has increased two fold as his cognitive learning skills is improving every day, for that reason I now have enrolled my other 2 younger daughters as soon as they were old enough at 4years of age. I would highly recommend Master Kevin & his team to anyone looking at getting their kids into Master Kevin’s martial arts classes,

Hayley Crannis

As a family, we decided to join the South Coast Martial Arts Centre. Since joining, our two children are both developing higher levels of confidence in other aspects of their lives including academically, socially and in further developing skills in other sports they are involved in. Our daughter is looking forward to her next birthday party to be held at the SCMAC. As parents and adults, being involved ourselves has added further richness to our lives as we look forward to our weekly lessons. Master Kevin and his team are truly committed to ensuring that a high quality learning environment is provided for all and are genuine in their mission to teach life skills that will make a difference to lives.

Gerry & Sonia Sozio

My son has been going to the SCMAC for approx 3 years & thoroughly enjoys it. It has helped tremendously with his concentration & balance & especially confidence The self defence component of the class is fantastic & very empowering for kids. The instructors at the centre are great with the children & are very professional.

Tracey Kalajzich

My three kids love going to martial arts classes at the SCMAC . The classes have greatly increased their strength & stamina which has shown in their school athletics results as well as after school sport. More importantly they have developed greater concentration & self esteem. Thank you Master Kevin & SCMAC instructors.

Russell Taylor

Both our son & daughter attend the SCMAC master Kevin & instructors have been very welcoming & supportive in our short time there. The kids are very proud of their taekwondo achievements. We can see they have grown in confidence & look forward to going to every class.

Mick Beasy & Tess Kennedy

My daughter has been attending Taekwondo at the south coast martial arts centre for 6years, TKD has helped developed my daughter’s maturity & discipline at school & at the activities she attends. She has shown leadership at school & her confidence has increased two fold since tkd classes. I highly recommend SCMAC for every childs personal growth & self confidence. My daughter has maintained her self belief & resilience , Thanks to Master Kevin & his highly qualified & successful team.

Jennah De Jesus

Joining Master Kevin team of students has had immediate effects on our child at 6 years of age, (now 9yrs) in all facets of his life. We have been coming here for over 3 years and the attention to focus & respect along with physical co-ordination in the tkd classes has transferred over to remarkable changes in general attitude, confidence, self awareness, schoolwork & sports in a very positive way. As a parent I wholeheartedly recommend TKD participation at SCMAC if you want your child to get that edge & life skills you don’t get from other MA schools as I looked around before coming here.

Danny Frino

SCMAC is a great place to learn positive behaviour & improve focus which expands children’s concentration skills, & get fit while having fun. Grand Master Kevin Docherty & Head instructor Chan are very professional being the most experienced MA instructors in the Illawarra they are exceptionally fantastic with children of all ages, my kids love coming to classes & have been coming to SCMAC for 5 years. Classes are always great and professionally run not only do they have fun but there are many opportunities for all the children to go further & keep improving there skills.

Nikki Caldrmoski
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